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Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire ~ Hourly rate: £neg.
Our clients are looking for a PhD Chemistry Scientist on a 2 year contract to contribute to the development of the company's next generation of organic electronic materials by designing synthesising, new functional materials (monomers, polymers, or small molecules) to a high level of purity.

You will work within a multidisciplinary team to develop understanding of material performance & suppor... more info
(vacancy reference : 31135)
Cambridge, ~ Hourly rate: £neg.
We are looking for a Research Assistant to develop and run a variety of assays to select and characterise the in vitro functional activity of drug candidates, with an emphasis on oncology and in particular immune-oncology and drug conjugates. The ideal candidate will be able to start immediately and will be able to work a contract which is likely to last a couple of months.


... more info
(vacancy reference : 31130)
Royston, Hertfordshire ~ Hourly rate: £neg.
We are looking for a Development Scientist on a six-month temporary basis to provide biological and / or chemical engineering input to a multidisciplinary team focused on solving a range of diverse engineering challenges for a Royston based company.

Much of the work will be focused around development of automated small-scale bioprocessing equipment, e.g. stirred tank reactors and associated sys... more info
(vacancy reference : 30688)
Cambridgeshire ~ Hourly rate: £neg.
We are looking for a Researcher on a two year temporary contract to plan and execute research into materials and device technologies. Research is undertaken with the purpose of obtaining information required to critically evaluate early stage projects in order to recommend whether to proceed with a research programme or otherwise.

This role will deliver technical feasibility experiments and r... more info
(vacancy reference : 30463)

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