Bio-MEMS Specialist

We are seeking an experienced, enthusiastic, energetic and hands-on scientist or engineer who can turn ideas into microfabricated solutions for a company based in Royston. You will need to be aware of the latest cleanroom and MEMS techniques, materials and costs, working from R&D-scale development through to volume manufacture.


* You will become part of a growing team looking to expand their capabilities working closely with other scientists, engineers and designers to provide solutions to complex challenges for both internal and external clients.
* You must be familiar with the entire MEMS product cycle; mask design, material choice, process development, follow/create SOP and package/test, spending ~60% of your time in the cleanroom.
* You should be able to produce and follow H&S documents, COSHH/RAs and be able to run complex equipment and experiments.


* MEng/MSc/PhD in Engineering, Biology, Physics, Material Science, Chemistry, Electronics or similar fields
* Strong creativity coupled with good insight into fundamental science
* At least two years of post-graduate research or industrial experience working with glass, silicon and polymer
* Work experience or research in the bio/medical sector is essential
* Wide-ranging MEMS process knowledge / experience in photolithography, bonding, embossing, soft-lithography, self-assembly techniques, wet/dry etching, evaporation / sputtering, PECVD, RIE/D-RIE, electroplating and metrology
* Previous experience working with complex semiconductor equipment and/or new bio-mems techniques
* Previous experience working with HF, strong acids/alkalis, special gases and volatile chemicals and understanding the associated Health and Safety aspects is a must

[ Royston, Hertfordshire, Salary £neg. | vacancy reference : 31724 ]

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