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We are looking for a Scientist to join a company based in the Huntingdon area to propose, investigate and evaluate novel projects and technologies associated with the themes of "sustainability" and "digital transformation" and will involve a range of activities including technology trends research, detailed assessment of technology status, roadmap and unmet needs as well as experimental design and execution. There is an expectation that the evaluation will require a significant knowledge of physics.


* Work closely with the Platform innovation team to identify and justify topics of interest
* Participate actively to ideation with well-considered suggestions
* Prepare project proposals drawing from technical solutions, IP and market information as well as commercial consideration
* Design and execute experimentation aligned with project requirements
* Generate IP
* Analyse experimental data and clearly communicate conclusions and recommendations
* Ensure plans and progress are accurately and timely communicated and reported
* Liaise with academics and industry experts
* Characterise devices using relevant test equipment and develop novel techniques and systems to improve understanding and capabilities
* Characterise new materials in devices using a wide range of standard and novel techniques
* Contribute to the construction of theoretical models in order to build a thorough understanding of the fundamental mechanisms underpinning the operation and performance of devices and systems
* Fabricate devices in the cleanroom and laboratory facilities following standard procedures and working practices. Devise new procedures where appropriate.
* Pro-actively compile accurate and detailed reports of experimental results and propose directions for further development
* Conduct trend analysis and technology mapping to identify unmet needs to support this objective
* Effective communication with synthetic chemists, analysts, device physicists, and project leaders
* Ensure that health and safety standards are being met and maintained. Work safely within the laboratory environment; carry out COSHH and risk assessments of processes.
* Safe working in accordance with the health and safety policy and procedures.
* Contribution to maintenance of a tidy and well-functioning laboratory environment for all laboratory users. Perform functional duties as required.


* PhD in Physics and excellent academic credentials are essential. Relevant post-doctoral research experience is desirable.
* Experience in one or several of these areas: electronic or opto-electronics device physics, computer science.
* Experience in broad-based research focussed on developing and demonstrating materials for new technology applications is highly desirable.
* Experience in statistical analysis is highly desirable.
* Experience of developing testing procedures, including writing experimental and data acquisition control programmes for new devices is highly desirable.
* Experience of using materials in prototype device structures to demonstrate desired functional properties is desirable.
* Experience of identifying and developing theoretical models and implementing them alongside experimental work is highly desirable.
* Creative, inventive with an aptitude for experimental work and with experience of solving complex problems.
* A demonstrable interest in developing technical solutions across a range of projects and applications.
* Self-motivation and ability to operate independently in a laboratory environment.
* Excellent team-skills, with the ability to interface and effectively communicate across multiple scientific disciplines.
* An understanding of the time-critical demands of target-driven Industrial research and of working with drive and passion to work towards critical deadlines.
* Clear and confident communication both when discussing complex technical concepts with fellow scientists and when providing project updates to senior management is essential.
* Excellent problem-solving capabilities, in combination with a willingness to seek expert assistance and peer advice when required are essential.

[ Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, Salary range: £33,000 to £36,000 | vacancy reference : 31711 ]

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