We are looking for a Bio-Scientist for our client based near Royston. You will be involved in the core stages of technology and product development and work alongside experienced biochemists and biologists to characterize and improve molecular and cellular tasks. As well as bringing a range of skills in biology and biochemistry, your ability to communicate scientific concepts clearly and accurately will enable you to quickly contribute to team meetings and collaborate effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds across life sciences and engineering disciplines.

Essential requirements:
* A 1st or 2:1 in biochemistry or a related discipline with a well-rounded theoretical and practical skill set across several Life Science areas. An MSc would be an advantage.
* A hands-on attitude - you enjoy putting theories to the test and devise experiments in the lab that provide solid and actionable insights.
* Applied thinking - you can dissect biological questions into realistic tests and turn your experimental data into meaningful results.
* Engagement - you are curious about the latest technologies in Life Sciences and what it takes to turn ideas into tangible realities.
* Communication skills - you like working in diverse teams, presenting your work and seeing your contribution matter for achieving team goals.
* Drive - you take on new concepts and experimental challenges and pursue them with tenacity and pragmatism.

Candidates with greater experience will fulfil these additional requirements:
* Leadership -you build up a tool set of advanced methodologies and protocols that allow you to help and train others to achieve advanced levels of expertise.
* Insight - you possess the theoretical and practical know-how to draw impactful conclusions from often complex experiments and data sets.
* Initiative - you take action to overcome hurdles and use your imagination to figure problems out quickly. You acquired the skills to quickly absorb new concepts and unfamiliar workflows.
* Expertise - you are very well versed with a wide range of experimental methods and protocols and capable of mentoring junior scientists or troubleshooting when experiments get stuck.
* Discipline - you keep accurate records, work to agreed time lines, manage resources and conform with applicable regulations.

This role is open to applicants at several career stages in biological sciences.
* You will be expected to demonstrate the essential requirements even at the start of your career. Your CV will show how your studies, extra-curricular activities or internship help demonstrate your wider potential.
* A few years into your career you will have a demonstrable track record across several projects, but still have plenty of scope to develop. You will detail your expanded skill set.
* As an experienced professional, you can demonstrate your scientific expertise and ability to teach others. Your CV will show how you can increase your impact through leading scientific teams.

[ Royston, Hertfordshire, Salary £neg. | vacancy reference : 31431 ]

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