Development Scientist

We are looking for a Development Scientist to provide biological and / or chemical engineering input to a multidisciplinary team focused on solving a range of diverse engineering challenges for a Royston based company.

Much of the work will be focused around development of automated small-scale bioprocessing equipment, e.g. stirred tank reactors and associated systems, and initially on a day-to day basis you will be developing and executing experimental test plans and reviewing the results of these with other members of the team and presenting data at a range of levels. As such, this represents an opportunity to both gain experience and interact with a range of highly skilled individuals.


* Experiment planning (the design of new experiments and test procedures), experiment execution and analysis of results
* Sourcing and preparation of materials for testing new technologies and automated systems
* Execution of biological / biochemical based assays
* Preparation of data and reports
* Participation in design reviews with peers and others


* PhD / EngD, MSc, or Degree level qualification plus equivalent experience in relevant field of study, e.g. Biochemical Engineering, Biology or Chemical Engineering
* Experience of good aseptic laboratory technique and mammalian culture is essential.
* Experience with stirred tank or other forms of bioreactor is preferred. Such experience will
ideally have been gained in an industrial or academic bioprocessing laboratory and candidates will ideally have some understanding of the bioprocessing industry.
* High level of general scientific technique and laboratory competence.
* Experience in planning and the execution of experiments and delivering data and conclusions for group review, ideally as part of a project team environment or within an academic environment with regular presentation and peer review programmes.
* Mammalian cell culture
* Experience of bioreactor operation
* Ability to analyse complex technical data
* Ability to plan project work and meet deadlines
* Effective and efficient preparation and delivery of appropriate level technical reports, manuals, presentations
* Ability to take ownership of and responsibility for project activities
* Creative thinking
* Logical problem solving and analytical skills
* Able to work both independently and as part of a team
* Effective interpersonal and communications skills

The following would be an advantage:

* Micro-organism culture
* Downstream processing experience
* Experience of product engineering documentation
* Instrumentation development experience
* Positive disposition
* Able to work under pressure
* Highly practical

[ Royston, Hertfordshire, Salary to: £36,000 | vacancy reference : 31676 ]

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